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Online Education & Its Necessity in Nepal, as of 2020

During this pandemic lockdown, when you are busy deciding on which movie to watch online today, counting how many Haha or Care reactions you got on Facebook, or which game to play, do you ever realize that there’s a true student in corner of world untouched by internet and other infrastructures getting depressed and uncertain about future consequences in his/her education? There used to be times when internet at home was considered to be a sign of luxury & prosperity. But now, it is a necessity. Majority of people nowadays feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when they do not have internet access (wi-fi or data connectivity) for a long time. Online education a way of connecting teachers and learners from different geographical areas to a single virtual classroom which is formed with the help of internet which has been proven to be one of the boons of internet accessibility. There are various types of online education system, namely; 100% online education, hybrid education which com

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